Fiber Protector


Our fiber protection is based on advanced polymer technology which leaves an invisible shield around every fiber. Our source, Fiber ProTector® is the world leader in protective treatment of fabrics and carpets.

Protecting your valuable soft furnishings and carpets can prevent the spread of bacteria that would usually serve as a breeding ground for germs.

Completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, the innovative treatment incorporates antimicrobial technology, and acts biocidically to prevent the development and spread of bacteria, while offering protection against staining and dirt retention. Cleaning is performed more efficiently and the appearance of soft furnishings is significantly enhanced. 

Features and Benefits

woolsafe_rev Fiber ProTector® of Norway is the most effective first line of defense against stains, spills and soil.

Fabric, leather and carpet treated with this system will outperform untreated materials and those treated with other products.

Allows almost any liquid to be easily removed from practically any soft material.

Significantly reduces static build-up.

Provides excellent ultra-violet protection.