Pillows & Household Items

Are your feather pillows looking a little dingy or misshapen? Marquard’s will clean and sanitize your pillows to make them look like new again.

We have a unique machine specifically designed to rejuvenate pillows. It uses an ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, and sanitize and deodorize the feathers.

We open the old ticking and empty it into a tumbler with rotating brushes that expose the materials to ultraviolet light. The tumbler breaks up clumps that have formed, fluffs the down feathers and sifts out any dust trapped in the pillow. At the end of the cycle, all the feathers are blown back into a new cotton ticking, revitalizing the pillow and making it look and feel new again.

We also can clean a variety of other household items ranging from napkins to comforters, blankets and more.