By The Clothes Doctor

“Mom It’s My Wedding Day – I Do Not Remember Those Stains”

Spring has certainly sprung-weather is changing, Cardinals baseball is in full swing, pollen count is on the rise, and those children once “terrible twos” have now grown up and are getting married.

Wedding gowns are being chosen—a task which often separates those involved from sanity—the choices are innumerable.

Heirloom or contemporary? Custom veil or Grandma’s lace? “Mom who’s wedding gown is this, yours or mine? Dad just signs the checks and refuses to look at the amounts.

Now comes the fitting of “THE” dress and questions arise:

Do we clean the dress, if heirloom or previously worn, before the alterations or after? The seamstress says she will be careful and has some stain remover should something such as fingerprints or machine

oil get on “THE” dress.

I can’t tell you the number of times in my forty six plus years as a dry cleaner, a distraught, tearful, bride comes in the day before the wedding having noticed stains which were—“not there before” and it may be too late to correct the problem.

The correct answer to the initial question is—examine “THE” dress carefully in good lighting, before you purchase the dress. If there are any stains, particularly around the hem or fabric discoloration—bring it to Marquard’s for a professional evaluation before buying.

The bride has but one chance to get this right- be sure the emotion of “but it is so beautiful, except for a few stains” does not override common sense.

A beautiful dress with just a few noticeable stains may be just that—on your wedding day—let us evaluate prior to a potential disaster.

If there are any stains on “THE” dress initially, insist they be evaluated and perhaps the dress cleaned before purchasing -as you will be able to see the “look” of the finished product. If the dress is new, still examine carefully, as often “new” dresses have some stains from shipping or construction. Insist that any staining be professionally evaluated for removal.

 If there are no visible stains, be sure and check after alterations—the sooner we discover a problem the easier it is to correct—and a reputable seamstress will concur.

Careful examination of the dress each step of the way ensures the bride has on less concern on her special day.