By The Clothes Doctor

Ever Visited the St. Louis Arch?

Living in St. Louis since 1951, watching the amazing gateway arch construction to it’s completion in 1968, one would think I would have visited the “Gateway To The West.” Not so much. It wasn’t until the fire in the museum beneath the Arch in 1998 that I actually set foot on the grounds. Fortunately, we were able to salvage the vintage clothing items from the various displays damaged by the smoke.

Good News- I did visit the arch. Bad News- Afraid of heights- and I still haven’t ridden tram to the top.


By The Clothes Doctor

Flippin’ Burgers

We’re Not Flippin’ Burgers Here!

All dry cleaners are the same, aren’t they? After all, dry cleaning is just cleaning clothes in dry cleaning fluid, right?

I would answer with a question: If true, then why are there no national retail dry cleaning chains? Simply put: The final product from each dry cleaner is different! As Harvey Gershenson, CEO at Dry Cleaning Consulting says, “We’re not flippin’ burgers here.”

Final product in dry cleaning is a result of many different factors including; type of solvent used, stain removal skills, equipment, pressing skills, communication… the list goes on and on. Has anyone attempted a national franchise? YES! Several serious, well funded endeavors have tried and failed. Noteable are; Zoots, Men’s Warehouse, and Proctor & Gamble- twice.

I guess we will see who’s next- Maybe McDonald’s?

By The Clothes Doctor

Beware of Invisible Enemies

Wow! It was 2 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, but soon it will be time for spring cleaning. Time for drapes to be cleaned, and to ask questions about drapery cleaning. Why? Because damage to fabric or linings occurs to a small percentage of drapes every Spring- Even when cleaned by professionals.

“But my drapes are only 5 years old and my windows are tinted.” 

Unfortunately, these facts are often irrelevant! There is NO DEFINITIVE TEST to determine if fabric strength is adequate to sustain cleaning. “Pinch” testing or visual examinations are about 80% accurate- 20% WILL NOT BE DETECTED and too weak to clean! Sun’s rays, heat, and acidic atmospheric conditions are the invisible enemies- particularly the sun, which weakens fabric.

What should I do if I need my drapes cleaned?”

First, use a cleaner experienced in drapery cleaning.
Next, be sure drapes are pinch tested and inspected for visible damage.
Finally, talk about what will happen if damage occurs.

I.E. “Will I be charged for cleaning if damage occurs?,” “Will you repair minor damage?,” “Is there any guarantee?”

Read any release before signing. Communication and understanding risk before cleaning is the only way to deal with these INVISIBLE ENEMIES!

Ever Visited the St. Louis Arch?
Flippin’ Burgers