Restoring Vintage Gowns

Cleaning and restoring vintage gowns provides an opportunity to preserve a piece of family history-or if handled improperly, create a heartache.  So ask questions!

How will the piece be processed? What are the risks in processing? Will fabric be damaged in cleaning? If “yellowed” can this be corrected? How will the item be packaged?

By the way, here are answers to the last two: If my gown is yellowed, can it be corrected? – Yes, but not by dry cleaning. Wet cleaning is required to correct yellowing. How will my gown be packaged? – Only with acid free paper, and perhaps a lignin free (archival) box. (Lingin is a natural substance found in wood pulp that gives off acids as it deteriorates).

As in any restoration project communication is the key- Don’t be afraid to ask questions!