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by The Clothes Doctor

My father was recognized as one of the best, if not the best “chemical spotters” in St. Louis. Even though my degree is in chemistry, many spot removal techniques were taught to me standing by his side.

Dad would say, “if you break the string of teaching these techniques, the skills will be lost.”

He was right, few people know or care to learn the skills- they’re just too tedious. Ironically, my father was color blind, yet he overcame his “disability” to become the very best at his trade. Dad passed away eleven years ago but his teaching and “can do” attitude live on in me and in Marquard’s.

The Clothes Doctor
About The Clothes Doctor
Ken Rimell, co-owner of Marquard’s, is The Clothes Doctor. With over 46 years’ experience in dry cleaning and spot removal, Ken has preserved many wedding gowns, christening gowns and heirloom dresses; some of which are estimated to be over 100 years old. Ken speaks nationally on restoration and textile dry cleaning, discussing how to handle the emotional dynamics of restoration. He has also been a continuing education instructor since 1999. Ken is a past or present member of the National Dry Cleaners Association, the International Fabric Care Association, Mid-America Fabric Care Association and the Alliance of Professional Restoration Dry Cleaners. "I am here at Marquard’s to answer your questions about keeping your fine garments and household linens looking exceptional! Please bring your problem garments, your unusual stains or any other dry cleaning questions to me." – Ken

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