Marquard's Fine Area Rug Cleaning

State of the art Technology and Equipment
Marquard’s is the only company in the state of Missouri that can offer this cleaning system for your fine area rugs.

The same Quality you have always Trusted
Family owned and operated since 1931. We will clean your area rugs with the utmost care and provide you with the quality we are known for throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Trust Marquard’s to provide the same care and attention to detail to clean your fine Oriental rugs that we provide for your fine clothing.

Pickup and Delivery
We now offer pick up and delivery service for your oriental rugs. Call either store to discuss a ballpark price quote and schedule a pick up today!

Designed to care for the finest of Rugs
This rug cleaning equipment mimics hand washing and eliminates stress on the rug textile. The easy agitation of the wash water removes soil without the use of brushes or other mechanical force. The Most Difficult Odors are removed, not temporarily covered up.Urine removal is 100% guaranteed or the additional service is NO CHARGE!

rugpatchAt Marquard’s, we have our very own, certified professional rug cleaners.

Our Master Rug Cleaner, Justin Brady graduated from MRC of Dallas, Texas and was certified by Oriental Rug Cleaning Co., in October of 2013.

Additional Rug Services Offered

Fiber Protection

Moth/Insect Repellant

Urine Treatments

Replacement Padding