Marquard's Offers A Variety of Professional Services

Dry Cleaning

We’ve Been Providing the Best Dry Cleaning Services in St. Louis Since the 1930s! Awarded Best in St. Louis 9 years in a Row by the Ladue News.

Oriental Rugs

Marquard’s Is The Only Company In The State Of Missouri That Can Offer This Cleaning System For Your Fine Area Rugs.

Fiber Protection

Fabric, Leather & Carpet Can be Professionally Treated at Marquard’s. In home application by appointment only, call 314-428-3700 for more information.

Heirloom Restoration

Marquard’s Can Restore Gowns And Clothing of All Kinds As Well As Fragile Memorabilia, Antique Textiles And Collectibles.

Shirt Laundry

Shirts That We Launder Are Often Custom-Made Or Manufactured By Renowned Makers, So We Process Your Shirts With Extreme Care.

Wedding Gowns

Have Your Gown, Veil And Other Accessories Professionally Preserved, For A Permanent Reminder Of Your Commitment.


Marquard’s Will Strive To Get Out The Toughest Of Stains Without Damaging Your Garment Or Fabric. Our Staff Is Expertly Trained.

Household Items

Are Your Feather Pillows Looking Dingy Or Misshapen? Marquard’s Will Clean And Sanitize Your Pillows To Make Them Look New Again.

Drapery Cleaning

Your Draperies Will Come Back Looking Fresh And Sharp, And Will Keep Their Size And Shape, When You Clean Them At Marquard’s.

Suede & Leather

Your Delicate And Expensive Leather And Suede Garments Will Receive the Ultimate Care When You Bring Them to Marquard’s.

Fire & Water Restoration

Insist On The Peace Of Mind Of Marquard’s Quality In Your Time Of Need. Just Call Our Emergency Number – We’ll Be On Site Within Hours.

The Marquard's Experience

From your initial greeting, ``Welcome, how can we help you?`` to the finished product- we take pride in serving you...


Marquard’s initially inspects every item or garment at the counter, answers questions and records the customer’s special instructions. Then each item is carefully inspected for stains, mending, special care & handling, then dry or wet cleaning is determined.


Cashmere sweaters or any fabrics that are prone to dimensional changes are pre-measured. Unique buttons, beading, sequins, or other ornaments are either protected or carefully removed before the proper cleaning technique is applied.


At our state of the art cleaning plant, all items are inspected a second time by trained cleaners and spotters. Every inch of each item is inspected for spots- a method developed over 80 years in the industry. Cleaners double check the special instructions- being sure nothing is missed.


Each item identified with problems are pre-spotted to remove any stains prior to the cleaning process. Marquard’s lead spotter has over 40 years’ experience in successful stain removal.


Dry cleaning or wet cleaning process is carried out according to the specific requirement of each garment or item.


After cleaning, once again each item undergoes inspection to determine if any further cleaning efforts are needed. Customers are then consulted if additional cleaning is needed and if there is any risk of damage for additional efforts.


Dry cleaning or wet cleaning process is carried out according to the specific requirement of each garment or item.


A final inspection is conducted insuring compliance with all written instructions, cleaning and finishing excellence. Then the items are bagged, boxed or packaged as necessary to present back to the customer.